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Keep your WordPress Site up to date

Ever click the update the update button in your WordPress dashboard? Well, you should! When? All the time. Taking the time to groom your website’s technical bits should be high on the list of your things-to-do. Let’s look at a few reasons why paying attention to your theme and plugins is good website owner practice.

1. Security Flaws

According to a Malware Bytes article, there has been a drastic increase in the number of compromised WordPress websites in the last few months. WordPress has never been a stranger to cyber attacks and the onslaught becomes more intense each time. You may need to check that your web hosting company is able to offer additional malware protection but you should update to the latest version of WordPress.

2. Don’t miss out

The newest WordPress update will include new features as well. The improvements are centred around website creation best practices. You may just stumble upon something that will improve your productivity.

3. Improved performance

With the security patches and releases comes a clean up of anything no longer needed. The new and improved code gets released which means your website may run much faster than usual. This is a plus for your website visitors and you will definitely get more attention from Google with a faster website.

These are some basic yet very important things to consider. Website grooming needs to be done at least once a week.

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