Server Backup

Flexible server backup solutions with instant setup.

Discover the freedom of data protection with our server backup solutions. Instant setup ensures you're up and running with a reliable solution in no time. Whether it's for Linux or Windows servers, our seamless deployment process guarantees a hassle-free experience.

Seamless off-site backup

We've eliminated the headaches of complex setups and spared you from the burden of expensive maintenance. Your data's safety is now effortlessly ensured, leaving you free to focus on what matters most to you.

No upfront setup fees
Windows and Linux compatible
Instant setup and deployment

Server Backup Pricing

Secure your virtual or dedicated server environment

No more worries about data loss—our solution offers peace of mind with efficient protection. Experience a virtual backup process that's both intuitive and powerful, providing you with the assurance that your virtual host is secure, always ready, and effortlessly backed up.

What’s included

  • Malware protection
  • Run backups at any time
  • Recover from any location
  • Expert customer support

Start with 150GB for

R199 /month

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Server backup features to put your mind at ease.

A server backup gives peace of mind by protecting against data loss from accidents, cyber threats, or hardware issues. It allows quick recovery, reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity. Backups also help meet legal requirements and build customer trust. They are cost-effective, avoiding the need for recreating extensive data.

Effortless File Backups
Easily backup your application files on Windows or Linux in just a few clicks.
Swift and Reliable Backups
Ensure quick and reliable backups without worrying about file corruption. Pause and resume backup jobs anytime, making the process faster than ever.
Web-Based Console
Access your backups, search for files, and restore them from anywhere with an internet connection using our user-friendly web-based console.
Anti-Malware Protection
Benefit from full-stack protection against malware and ransomware ensuring the security of your data.
Fast setup
There's no need to purchase or install any additional software or hardware. Simply select your plan and start using it immediately.

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Comodo SSL Certificates

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Thawte SSL Certificates

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