What do you want from your email service provider?

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I want a basic and reliable email service for my business that I can use with my own domain name

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I want a collaborative tool to share contacts and calendars with my team members

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I want to use Microsoft Outlook to manage my emails on all my devices

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I want to manage multiple mailboxes for my company or business

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How does our email hosting service compare

See how our email service compares against the popular alternatives.

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Email Storage: 10GB Email Storage: 25GB Email Storage: 50GB Email Storage: 50GB Email Storage: 30GB Email Storage: 2T
Collaboration Tools: Collaboration Tools: Collaboration Tools: Collaboration Tools: Collaboration Tools: Collaboration Tools:
Mobile Friendly: Mobile Friendly: Mobile Friendly: Mobile Friendly: Mobile Friendly: Mobile Friendly:
Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging:
Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing: Video Conferencing:
Cost: R49 Cost: R69 Cost: R109 Cost: R110 Cost: R85.19 Cost: R170.37

Email host package overview

Select the package to suit your needs, whether it’s a basic mailbox or one that provides multiple collaboration tools.

Build brand credibility

A personalised email address based on your website name boosts business and brand credibility. Avoid using a free email account, and respond to customers or potential new business leads with a unique email address. Look more reliable and professional, instantly.

Stay connected and productive

Stay in touch with your team, colleagues or clients at all times with multiple collaboration tools at your disposal. With features such as calendars, tasks, group chat and video conferencing, you’ll never miss a beat. Plus, your mailbox will be ad-free.

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Get MS Exchange-level functionality

Our professional email service gives you the same functionality as Microsoft Exchange and more. With access to additional features including real time audio and video instant messaging, you get a premium service at a fraction of the cost.

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Stay connected, wherever you go

Never miss an email again. Our easy-to-use webmail interface allows you to manage your mailbox on your phone, anytime, anywhere.

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What our customers think

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"It is always a positive engagement with any of the 1-grid staff, from sales all the way through to support. I really appreciate how even simplest requests are treated with value and respect. Keep it up guys!"

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"I can't say this enough! The best hosting company for sure! Choosing to switch from another website builder to 1-grid website builder was the best decision ever. Thank you, 1-grid team, for always being so professional and super responsive"

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"A business owner got the opportunity to build their website and it only took 5 mins! It was phenomenal! Mr Craig Fester was also very insightful as he told us about their services. I'm ready to work with them!"

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to assist you with some questions you might have

Why do I need a professional email address?

A unique company email address serves as a representation for your business and brand. If you are trying to build a reputable and trustworthy business, an email address linked to your domain and company name offers a sense of trust with an added layer of brand awareness.

What are the benefits of using a domain name instead of a free Gmail address?

A customised company email address shows everyone that you are serious about your business. By investing in a unique email address that uses your domain only, you give the impression that your business is established and credible. A Gmail address, while free, will retain the ‘@gmail’ section which makes your emails far more likely to be overlooked or worse, end up in a recipient's spam folder.

Is your email service secure?

Our email service ensures your data and sensitive information is transferred and stored as securely as possible. Our service provides data encryption, automatic deactivation of unsafe links and ransomware detection and recovery.

What does online storage mean?

Online storage refers to the amount of space a platform provides you with for all the data and files you upload and store on "the cloud". The Information can be accessed no matter your location or device, but is physically stored on your hosting company's servers.

Why do I need video conferencing and instant messaging?

Instant messaging and video conferencing provide a seamless way to connect to and collaborate with clients and colleagues despite location or device. In an age where remote work is as popular as ever, these channels allow you to improve communication, save time and facilitate face-to-face meetings without the costs of travel.

Need more help

Need more help?

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