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great ideas start with great domains

domain name registration South Africa

Have a big idea? Add a domain to it!

There is an ideal name out there for your website – let us help you to secure it. We offer reliable domain name registration services in South Africa. Choose from co.za, .africa, or .guru!

save up to 50% on local domain name registration

Price valid for new domain name registrations only and regular renewal rates apply thereafter.

R159/1st year
​R159/1st year
R159/1st year
R239/1st year

what you get when you register your domain

Domain Parking

Not ready to launch your website just yet? No problem! You can register your domain name with us, without it being associated with a website or website hosting, until you are ready to launch.

Complete DNS Control

With us you have complete control over your DNS Zone file, so you can modify it as needed.

Auto Renewal

We automatically set your domain to renew itself depending on the payment cycle you have selected.

Nameserver Management

Get complete control of your nameservers and point them to a server of your choice.

Auto Lock

Your intellectual property is of the highest priority to us. 1-grid has stringent controls in place to ensure that no one is able to take your domain name once you’ve registered it.


After you’ve secured your .com and .co.za, you can also secure similar domains to increase your footprint on the web.


Local is lekker! Perfect if South Africa is your target market.



Get the most popular domain extension in the world.

R219/year | buy domain


Want to build a powerful online brand? Make your presence known with a .online domain.

R99.99/year | buy domain


With no link to anything specific, the sky is the limit with this global domain.

R199/year | buy domain


Understood globally and easy to search for .website is the first true alternative to a .com!

R199/year | buy domain


How off your cutting-edge tech brand online with a savvy .tech domain.

R299/year | buy domain


Are you planning to sell? Open your doors online with a with a .store TLD domain.

R299/year | buy domain


.net is one of the Internet’s oldest domain extensions.

R259/year | buy domain


If you are targeting the Mother City, get a .capetown!

R159/year | buy domain


If you are targeting the City of Gold, get a .joburg!

R159/year | buy domain


Local is lekker! Perfect if South Africa is your target market.

R239/year | buy domain


Local is lekker! Perfect if South Africa is your target market.

R99.99/year | buy domain


Perfect if Colombia is your target market.

R499/year | buy domain

Why you should choose us

Trusted by 1000s since 1998

We have been around for 20 years. We’re older than Youtube, Facebook and the iPhone! Yes, that’s quite old, but how have we been doing it for so long? You’d think it’s the result of all the experience we’ve built up over the years, but we’d like to believe it’s due to our unparalleled service.

Expert Technical Support

Looking for friendly support available any day of the year? That’s us! Our amazing team is available on call, email and live chat to resolve your issues and to answer all your burning questions.

No Red-tape

We believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we offer easy payment solutions and we give you the option to pay upfront to receive extra discounts.

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