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Why should you register a company?

Company Registration establishes your company as a legal entity in South Africa.

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A registered company:

  • 1.

    Protects Your Finances

    Your personal and business finances will be treated as separate.

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    Enhances Your Identity

    Add instant credibility to your operation by registering your company.

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    Protects you from your personal liability

    Any legal matters will be kept separate from your personal affairs.

  • 4.

    Attracts business and funding opportunities

    Banks and funders take registered businesses seriously.

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    Will keep you focused

    Having a formal business will encourage you to dedicate your energy towards it.

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Included in your company registration

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1-Page Website

Increase your chances of making a good first impression with a PRO 1-page website to showcase your company's services.

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Business Email

Add a professional email account to your domain name. Using a business email address is much more professional than using a free mail account.

The Company Registration with Domain Name Package

Own your identity on and offline by getting your domain name and company name registered.

For a once-off fee your package includes:

Company Name Reservation Confirmation
Company Registration Certificate
Notice of Incorporation
CIPC Processing
CIPC Filing Administration Fees
Domain Name Registration
Income Tax Number
Optional BEE Certificate
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How to register your company online

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Business Registration
  • Easy online registration
  • Free domain name
  • Business registration with CIPC
  • Establish your identity on and offline

How to register your business online

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    Click the "Order Now" button below.

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    Confirm your details.

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    We'll do the rest.

Why should you register a company?

Business Registration establishes your company as a legal entity in South Africa.

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Limit your personal liability

When your business is registered, you can keep your personal assets and affairs separate from your business matters.

Attract investors and funding

Registering your business gives you the ability to raise equity capital. Having a formal structure in place can also attract investors.

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Increase legitimacy and credibility

When you register your business in South Africa through 1-grid, you will enhance the reputation of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about company registration? Find the answer here!

A registered business is recognised as such by South African law. Registering your company means you enjoy rights, benefits and privileges that an unregistered business cannot enjoy.

A registered business allows you to create a separate business banking account. You will receive a separate income TAX number as well, another great way to keep your personal matters outside of your business.

All funding providers will require that you have a registered business entity. Banks and credit providers largely offer two credit options, business and personal. Both avenues are tailored to the needs of the entity.

Your products and services will naturally have an identity, a product name or something that uniquely distinguishes you from everyone else in your market. Registering your business gives you measure of identity protection. You can now put your name on your product without someone else cloning your products with your name on it. Note that to completely engage with brand name protection you need to explore trademarks and copyright protection.

Customers trust registered businesses. When you register a business, it means that you are serious about trading and you inspire confidence to your market.

Your business must be registered with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. There are services which facilitate this process which will allow you to complete your registration online with minimum fuss. At you can now register your business name and domain name at the same time. It’s important to check if your business name and domain name is available. You would not want to register the one with the other being taken already.

  1. Company Name Reservation Confirmation
  2. Company Registration Certificate
  3. Notice of Incorporation
  4. CIPC Processing
  5. CIPC Filing Administration Fees
  6. Domain Name Registration
  7. Income Tax Number

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Entrepreneurship is no easy feat and with our easy online company registration, you can tick one thing off your to-do list. Registering your company is essential because you’re missing out on perks that are only afforded to registered businesses in South Africa. South African companies are registered under the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) that serves to protect businesses as well as function as a regulatory measure. If you’re starting a new business or have an existing company that needs to be registered, 1- grid’s company registration will get your company registered within 7 to 14 business days with minimal friction. You can register your company with 1-grid from the comfort of your home on mobile or desktop 24/7.

Registering your business protects your finances because your finances and the company’s get treated as separate entities. You can also open a separate business account and file separate tax returns for your business.  If you’re also planning on seeking government funding or assistance, your business needs to be registered. Registering your business also gives your company legitimacy. Your customers can trust that you’re a reputable business and will deliver on your promises.

Registering your company in South Africa is easy when you do it through 1-grid. You simply choose the Business Registration package, click the ‘order now’ button, fill out your details, and 1-grid will do the rest. With 1-grid company registration packages, you don’t have to leave your home to register your business.

Our easy online registration costs a once-off fee of R799. We will then ensure that your business gets registered with CIPC plus you get free domain registration in South Africa.

  • Company Name Reservation Confirmation
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Notice of Incorporation
  • CIPC Processing
  • CIPC Filing Administration Fees
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Income Tax Number

Now that your business is registered with the CIPC and you registered your free domain name with 1-grid, it’s time to work on your online presence. We have all the tools your business needs to get your online profile where it needs to be.  Registering a domain is the first part, now you need to choose the web hosting package that suits your business. Our web hosting packages in South Africa start at R99 a month. There are different types of web hosting packages that you can tailor to your individual needs. Choose from a variety of web hosting packages in South Africa with the web hosting features that will suit your needs. We also include free domain registration, unlimited email accounts and calendar features. Website design is also an important investment in ensuring that your business looks professional and is easy to navigate for customers. Our web design packages will afford you a dedicated web designer and a copywriter to bring your vision to life. Your business will be well on its way to establishing a strong online presence.