Why register your company?

Establish your business as a legal entity in South Africa 

Improve your brand reputation

Gain brand credibility with potential stakeholders, from customers, clients and suppliers to investors.

Attract business opportunities

A registered company is considered trustworthy and desirable by customers and investors.

Separate your

Apply for a business bank account or loan separately to your personal account using your official registration documents.

Protect your personal liability

You will not be held personally responsible for company legalities such as debt.

Stay motivated and focused

Having a registered company will hold you accountable so that you can achieve business success.

Here's what your once-off company registration includes

Build your business online

Register your business website name

Pick your website name and we’ll help you get it registered for a year with our domain registration. Choose .co.za, for example, mynewbusiness.co.za.

Create your business email

We'll set you up with a personalised business email linked to your domain, so that you can collaborate and communicate seamlessly with your customers. For example, info@mynewbusiness.co.za.

Build your business

Claim your online business space and design your very own website. With our easy-to-use website builder you can choose your layout, customize your text and add images to suit your business needs.

Ready to register your company?

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Once-off R849
  • Convenient online registration
  • Company registration through CIPC
  • Established identity on and offline
  • Free .co.za domain
  • 6 month free website builder package
  • 6 month free email package

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to assist you with some questions you might have

A registered business is recognised as such by South African law. Registering your company means you enjoy rights, benefits and privileges that an unregistered business cannot enjoy.

A registered business allows you to create a separate business banking account. You will receive a separate income TAX number as well, another great way to keep your personal matters outside of your business.

All funding providers will require that you have a registered business entity. Banks and credit providers largely offer two credit options, business and personal. Both avenues are tailored to the needs of the entity.

Your products and services will naturally have an identity, a product name or something that uniquely distinguishes you from everyone else in your market. Registering your business gives you a measure of identity protection. You can now put your name on your product without someone else cloning your products with your name on it. Note that to completely engage with brand name protection you need to explore trademarks and copyright protection.

Customers trust registered businesses. When you register a business, it means that you are serious about trading and you inspire confidence to your market.

Your business must be registered with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). There are services which facilitate this process which will allow you to complete your registration online with minimum fuss. At 1-grid.com you can now register your business name and domain name at the same time. It’s important to check if your business name and domain name is available. You would not want to register the one with the other being taken already.

  • Company name reservation
  • Company registration certificate
  • Notice of Incorporation
  • CIPC processing and filing
  • Income tax number
  • Domain name registration
  • 3 months subscription to 1-grid's website builder
  • 3 months subscription to the 1-grid's business email tool

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