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How to earn Affiliate Commission

This article provides you with information on how to start earning affiliate commission. 

What is 1-grid Affiliate Commission?

  • With our affiliate program you can earn 15% of the value of your referred services back in commission every month. 
  • You can then use your commission to save on your 1-grid account or cash out your money once your account is settled.


Do I have to be a 1-grid customer to become an affiliate?


How much commission can I earn and when will I start earning?

  • You will earn 15% of the value of your referred services every month except Website Design for which you will earn 5% commission.


Referred Service   Price Commission
Linux Hosting: Medium   R 89.00 R 13.35 (15%)
Web Design Small R 419.00 R 20.95 (5%)


What products I can earn on ?



How to find and use Affiliate link ?

  • You will be able to find your link  within your Affiliate Dashboard! Under the menu item “Customer Information”, you will see your unique affiliate tracking link at the very top of this page as per example below:


  • You are able to promote this link on all sites you own as well as social media! 
  • We recommend a content-based blog post for the best conversions alternatively you can also create a post on Facebook ,Twitter etc. 


What If I have a lead which doesn’t use link?

  • Unfortunately, if your lead  does not use your referral link  we are unable to link the lead to your Affiliate account and you will not earn commission on any services purchased.


Where  / How do I monitor purchases via my referral link ?

  • You are able to monitor when your referral links are used on your  referral dashboard at the bottom of the page as per example below:

  • You will be able to see signup date, product/service purchased, amount paid, commission earned and status of the order.


When and how can I withdraw your commission ?

  • Once you have an available commission balance of at least R100, you can request a withdrawal which will be credited to your 1-grid account.

  • A request ticket will automatically be sent to our Account & Billing department who correspond with you directly to complete your request.



What can I do with my commission?

  • Once you can request a withdrawal the fund will be credited to your 1-grid Affiliate Account.
  • Should you wish for the any access funds to be paid into your bank account you can liaise with our Billing & Accounts department to make payment to your preferred bank account.


What happens if my referrals cancel their services with 1-grid?

  • You will no longer earn commission on cancelled services.



Terms and Conditions

  • “Affiliate” or “referrer” is a person who refers another.
  • “Referral” is a person who has been referred by an affiliate.
  • “Referred service” denotes a service that has been referred by an affiliate to a referral.
  • Payment must first be made by the referral before the affiliate can receive their commission.
  • Successfully referred services will be allocated to your account within 24 hours of the referral settling the invoice for the referred service.
  • Eligible services will produce commission equal to 5% or 15%  respectively ex VAT. 
  • Commission will be awarded at the same interval as the service billing cycle (e.g. monthly, quarterly and yearly.)
  • Affiliate commission will be earned on all services except Domain Registrations / Renewals.
  • If a referral cancels their service, the affiliate will receive no further commission for that referred service.
  • Specials and discounts applied to services will proportionally reduce the amount of commission allocated to the affiliate.
  • Affiliates will not earn commission by referring services to themselves.
  • No interest is earned on commission.
  • The withdrawal minimum is R100 which will be used as a credit on your account and the excess will be cashed out.
  • 1-grid reserves the right to apply a 2% transaction fee to all cash outs.
  • 1-grid reserves the right to terminate, discontinue or amend the Affiliate commission terms and conditions at any stage.

Updated on March 13, 2023

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