Can I pay via EFT?

This article provides you with information regarding EFT payments



You are able to pay you invoices using EFT, however EFT is becoming a bit outdated as the process is painfully slow from bank to bank. To avoid service suspensions we highly recommend using instant EFT as a payment method If you are unable to use preferred methods like Credit card or Debit order. 

Choosing instant EFT as a payment method does not save your bank login details to our system because you are redirected to your bank’s website as soon as you choose this payment method.



Manual Payment methods


Cash Deposits at a Nedbank Branch:



  • If you choose to settle your account with this method, the payment will take up to 24 working hours to reflect on your account. 
  • Payments must be correctly referenced (client ID or Invoice ID) to ensure that 1-grid is able to identify your payment and correctly allocate it to your account.



 Internet payment (EFT):



  • Using the internet banking payment facility allows you to load us as a beneficiary for settlement to your 1-grid account.
  •  All internet payments must be correctly referenced to ensure that 1-grid is able to identify your payment and correctly allocate it to your account. 
  •  Payments from Nedbank to Nedbank will reflect immediately in our bank account. The payment will be allocated to your account between 8am and 10am the next day.
  • Payments from a different bank can take approximately 2 – 3 working days to reflect on your 1-grid account.



International payment:

  • Estimated time scale for foreign payments to reflect in our 1-grid bank account is approximately 10 business days.



How does the system allocate my Manual EFT payments?


The EFT facility is designed to assign the payments to the oldest unpaid invoice on your account. This would include unpaid domain renewal invoices. This could present problems if you have old unpaid invoices.

 TIP: We do not recommend using normal EFT payments for the reason that it’s a manual process and the funds takes 3-4 days to reflect on our end. Pleas see Why is my services still suspended after the payment was made? 


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