Why is my services still suspended after the payment was made?

If your account has been suspended it most likely because we did not receive payment by the date the invoice was due. This article provides you with information as to why your service might still be suspended after making payment.



It’s possible that you have made the payment too late and it hasn’t yet reflected on our bank statement. Manual payments, meaning EFT, would normally take up to 3 working days to reflect in our bank account. 

EFT payments would also need to be manually allocated so this would mean that your account may be suspended  3-4 days before the invoice would be marked as paid.

Other reasons why this could happen :

  • Your payment may not yet reflect on our bank statement. Please make allowance for transfer delays between financial institutions. 
  • If your payment was made more than 3 days ago, it is possible that it was allocated to an older outstanding invoice. You may refer to the Invoice Payment Confirmation sent to you for all payment allocations.
  • It is possible that your reference or the account number used was incorrect. Login to your customer zone to confirm your customer code and then contact our Billing department by calling us on 021 200 1200


INFO: Payment should be made to us no later than the first payment reminder. Payment should be received within the first 7 days of receiving your invoice.

TIP: Payments methods such as Credit card or Debit Order allows for automatic payment of invoices meaning that services would not be suspended due to late payments. Should you wish to update your payment method please click here

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