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SpamTitan: How to update email routing

This article provides you with steps to update your email routing via your SpamTitan Firewall



You recently moved your domain from one Control Panel to another and your emails suddenly stopped working?  The reason for this is most likely because the SpamTitan Firewall is still routing your email to the old Control Panel. 

Below we provide you with steps to update  your email routing so you emails may resume no matter to which Control Panel you move your domain to within our environment.




Step 1– Login to your 1-grid Customer Zone.


Step 2 – Hover over Services and click SpamTitan Firewall



Step 3 – Next to the relevant domain click on Update Routing



Step 4 – From the drop-down select package you moved the domain to and click Update




INFO: Please allow 10-15 mins for this change to take effect. Emails should start routing to the correct hosting package once change has taken effect. Should you still experience issues please contact our Support Center by clicking here.


TIP: For more articles on SpamTitan Firewall please see our category here.

Updated on January 25, 2023

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