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How to resolve spam being sent from my website?

This article provides you with steps to check what could be causing spam originating from your website.






Why is spam being sent from my website?


Email Spam may be sent if the website is hacked. It is the most common reason why Spam is being sent.

Once your website or hosting account is hacked, hackers get all the information they need to edit the website’s code, upload malicious files, put spam scripts into the catalog of the site or hosting account. This will allows hackers to send Spam from your website.


To get rid of malicious code and files and to solve the Spamming problem, you will need to check the whole website.


  •  Login to your website control panel and look for any files/folders with odd, strange names.


  • Check for files with recently changed dates and look for any suspect code.


  • Download all website files and scan files using a malware scanner


  • Check if your contact us page has Captcha enabled


  • Make use of website scanners like cWatch to scan and protect
  • If you have a mailer script set it to send no more than 600 mails an hour as per our AUP


  • Once the above is done, ensure website CMS is up to date and all unused plugins and themes are removed.



Updated on August 31, 2023

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