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How to password protect a directory in cPanel

This guide will take you through the steps of password protecting a directory within cPanel. What this means is that if someone accesses the directory or site, they will need to enter a username and password to gain access. 


Step 1. Log in to cPanel. 


Step 2. Click on “Directory Privacy”. 



Step 3. Click on the icon to open a folder shown in the list. 



Step 4. Click on the name of the folder to add a password to it. 



Step 5. Check the “Password protect this directory” box and give it a name then Click on “Save”. 


 Step 6. Click on “Go back”. 



Step 7. Enter the user details for the person to access the directory and click on “Save”. 



Step 8. Browse to the directory as you would normally access it. You should get a prompt asking for sign-in details. 




That’s it! You’ve successfully password protected your directory.

Updated on August 31, 2023

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