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Configuring Roundcube Preferences

This article will show you how to configure Roundcube Preferences

Step 1. Log into your Webmail.

Step 2.  Click the Roundcube option.

Step 3. Click the Settings link on the top right of the screen.

Step 4. You should automatically be on the Preferences page, if not click the Preferences link.

You can then choose your Roundcube Preferences. Below is an outline of the available options.

Main Options Here you can choose your language, time zone, time format, date format, choose if you want pretty dates, and set how often to check for emails.
Interface Skin Select how you want your email to display, there are two skins available.
Browser Options Choose how you want to handle pop-ups, and “mailto” links.
Main Options Here you can choose your settings for the email layout, mark as read, return receipt, expand message threads, and rows per page.
New Message Choose if you want to check all email folders for new messages.
Main Options Here you can select if you want to open messages in a new window, show email addresses with display names, display HTML, display remote inline images, display attached images below the message, and move to the next message after deleting or moving an email.
Advanced Options Choose your default character set here.
Main Options Here you can choose settings for composing in a new window, composing HTML messages, automatically saving drafts, requesting return receipts, requesting a delivery status notification, replying, forwarding, HTML fonts, and replying to all.
Signature Options Select when to add your signature, where to place it, how to handle signatures when replying, and signature separator options.
Spellcheck Options Choose if you want to check spelling before sending a message, ignore words with symbols, ignore words with numbers, or ignore words with all letters capitalized.
Advanced Options Here you can select Attachment names, encoding options, and if you want to temporarily save messages in the browser’s local storage.
Main Options In this section you can choose your default address book, set how to list contacts, sort contacts, and select how many rows per page.
Main Options Here you can set the folders to use for Drafts, Sent, Junk, and Trash.
Main Options Here you can choose if you want to mark the message as read on delete, flag the message for deletion instead of delete, do not show deleted messages, delete files if moving messages to trash fails, and directly delete messages in Junk.
Maintenance Select if you want to clear trash on logout, or compact Inbox on logout.

After setting your preferences click the Save button

How do I change my time zone?

The time zone setting in Roundcube affects several views within the webmail client, such as the time indicated that your messages were received. Roundcube attempts to automatically select the correct timezone for you, however you can follow these steps to manually change the time zone:

  1. Click the Preferences Tab and ensure “User Interface” is selected in the right menu
  2. In the “Time zone” dropdown, select your preferred time zone
  3. Click “Save”

How do I change my profile name?

If you don’t specify a name, email you send will be seen by others as coming from your email address. If you want others to instead see email coming from your name, such as “John Smith” instead ofjsmith@domain.com“, follow these steps to configure this setting:

  1. Click the “Identities” tab
  2. Click your email address under “E-Mail” in the left column
  3. Enter your name as the “Display name”
  4. Click “Save”

How do I configure a signature?

If you type the same content at the end of every email, such as your name, email address, and phone number, you can save time by configuring this data as a signature. Email signatures are automatically added to the end of each email you send out.

  1. Click the “Identities” tab
  2. Click your email address under “E-Mail” in the left column
  3. Enter your desired signature in the “Signature” field. If you would like to format your text, such as adding bold text, check the box labeled “HTML signature”
  4. Click “Save”

How do I change the language Roundcube is displayed in?

If you need to display Roundcube in another language other than English, you can easily do so.

  1. Ensure you are on the Preferences tab, and “User Interface” is selected under Section.
  2. Select your desired language from the “Language” dropdown
  3. Click “Save”
Updated on March 7, 2023

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