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Changing the name servers on a .de domain name

The name servers for your .DE domain name will need to abide by a certain criteria, which the below article will outline.

In order to change the name servers on your .DE domain name the new name servers must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have two authoritative name servers
  2. You can verify if your name servers are authoritative by visiting https://www.denic.de/en/service/tools/nast/ and entering the domain name and its name servers to receive a reply.
  3. If the answer at ZoneCheck lists a non-authoritative answer at the top of the name server list, your name servers are not authoritative.
  4. The name servers in the domain name’s zone file must match the name servers you are trying to use, or your name servers would considered non-authoritative.
  5. Each name server must be on a separate class-C network.
  6. The first three octets cannot be the same. For example, and are valid. and are not valid.
  7. You must have a Start of Authority (SOA) refresh value between 10000 and 86400 seconds.
  8. You must have a retry value between 1800 and 28800 seconds.
  9. You must have a Time to Live (TTL) value between 180 and 345600.
  10. You must specify a Mail Exchanger (MX) record that resolves to a valid mail server for the life of the domain name registration, not just for the registration itself
  11. Serial numbers for all name server zones for the domain name must match.

Important: This command causes a DNS check on the domain. If this check fails, your domain will be deleted (without a refund) four weeks after it was registered. It is important to re-run this command or configure the DNS by other means in order to keep the domain. You can run a DNS check by visiting http://www.denic.de/en/background/nast.html

Updated on February 7, 2023

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