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Many brands have increased their social media footprint, so much so, that marketing through these platforms is doing most of the selling. It’s been proven over and over again that a solid social media marketing strategy can drive your online sales and grow your business. As a small business owner, how can you leverage off social media?

It has become more difficult to emerge as a top performing business on social media with an authentic audience that genuinely has an interest in your services or products. Let’s look at a few methods you can implement to optimise your platforms and sell more online.

1. Establish a goal for each platform


Social media platforms are all different. Some platforms may double your sales, while you may not see any growth on others! It is important to find which platforms work for you and then to set goals for each. Start with small goals, such as wanting to reach your first 500 followers on Facebook over the next two months. Make sure you post authentic relevant content to grow organically.

2. Engage with your followers


Many social media platforms use clever algorithms to determine which content to show. One of the measurements is engagement. It is important to show your audience that you care and that you listen to them. This means that you should always consider how you can engage with your audience. When your audience responds to you posts, be sure to always reply!


3. Find ways to be creative to attract new followers


Many big brands are increasingly looking for ways to stand out by being creative in their social media campaigns. Before posting a normal photo or a cool quote, think about ways in which you can make it even more interesting for your followers. Once they are intrigued, they will share your posts to potential followers.


A solid social media strategy can drive the growth for your business by creating trust and loyal relationships with current and potential customers. Find ways to be unique and always engage with your audience to show that you are proactively involved in the doings of your business.


Need a little help with growing your business or brand? We can assist. Talk to us about what you are struggling with when it comes to growing online.

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