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With this package, you have the option to sell unlimited products and services.


Unlimited Pages
E-commerce (Unlimited Products)
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts

why choose 1-grid?

Expert Support

Ask our customers what they love most about 1-grid and they will probably tell you “the awesome support team”. We are dedicated to providing you with nothing short of exceptional support.

Top Security

In the age of phishing and hacking, online security has never been more important. We keep your sensitive data safe with world-class ssls and firewalls, and we automatically back up your data for complete peace of mind.

No Contracts

We don’t believe in contracts. We believe in simplified billing and easy terms. Plus, we give you the option to pay upfront and receive extra discounts.

Uptime Guarantee

Nothing in life is 100% certain, but we do everything in our power to ensure that your uptime never falters. We also offer a downtime safety net for any repairs or maintenance.

Top-quality Hardware

We’ve sourced a generous offering to provide commercial-grade hosting at affordable prices.

Instant Setup

Our web hosting services are set up immediately, so you can sign up and move in to your new online home without any waiting around.

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