Having a website for your brand is vital in the modern age, and South African businesses have a range of hosting providers from which to choose.

It is crucial that you choose the right hosting service for your needs to ensure that you get reliable performance and sufficient resources.

MyBroadband compared shared web hosting packages from AfrihostXneelo, and 1-Grid, to see what one could expect to pay to host a basic website for a small business.

Considerations to make when comparing hosting providers include the cost of the service, the amount of storage allocated, and the level of customer service given by the provider.

When it comes to service, Xneelo has the highest rating on HelloPeter of 4.66 out of five. 1-Grid has a rating of 4.43, and Afrihost has the lowest rating at 1.52.

However, it is important to note that Afrihost’s web hosting service is only one of its products, and most complaints relate to its Internet service provider operations.

We selected products from the hosting providers that offer similar pricing and benefits to keep the playing field even. We compared Xneelo’s Standard, Afrihost’s Silver Pro, and 1-Grid’s Medium packages.

The most cost-effective is 1-Grid’s Medium package at R120 per month. Still, it should be noted that pricing doesn’t differ significantly between suppliers — Afrihost’s Silver Pro package is R129 per month, and Xneelo’s Standard product costs R149 per month.

It should also be noted that neither 1-Grid’s nor Xneelo’s packages include a website builder. Xneelo charges R39 per month, and 1-Grid’s website building packages start at R109 per month.

On the other hand, Afrihost’s Silver Pro package includes the use of a website builder in its monthly fee.

When it comes to storage allocations, all three packages offer up to 10GB of storage. However, Xneelo’s Standard product falls behind on the availability of MySQL databases, with only five SSD databases.

Both Afrihost’s and 1-Grid’s packages allow their customers to use 100 MySQL databases.

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