Here are a few things you need to have to make your business look good in 2020


If you don’t have a website, you don’t stand a chance of being competitive. The nature of your business might not be to transact online but people want to have the knowledge that you exist online. Now, just having a page with your self-designed logo is not good enough. An updated, well-designed professional website is fairly easy to come by in our day. Try to reach out to a designer and get your website online as soon as you can.

Business email

A pet peeve is getting a business card displaying a Gmail address. If two emails land in your prospect’s inbox. One from and one from The cool guy has immediately lost out. You need a professional email address to be taken seriously. Your Gmail account is good for planning this weekend’s TV sports get-together at your house. In 2020, let’s not send quotes and invoices from our free personal accounts. How do you get one of these professional email addresses? When you sign up for your website hosting plan which is needed to get your website onto to the world wide web, you will get access to an email hosting facility where you can add something like It will only cost you R99 per month for your web hosting plan which includes free email hosting. That’s burger money in exchange for looking good online.

Social media presence

They’ve already checked if your business has a Facebook page with recent posts. If not, back of the line, please. This is free, for now, so why don’t you have it? It’s just our modern-day nature. If you’re not on social media you must not exist. It takes all of 2 minutes to post something to your Facebook page every day. There are content scheduling apps where you can load 30 posts in one go and the app will post content to your page every day at the time of your choice. If you want to establish a professional presence on social media, 1-grid has a full-suite social media marketing solution. Someone will handle your content writing for you as well as an influx of sales leads.