With adjusted level four lockdown upon us, we have taken some to reflect on how not only our customers, but we as 1-grid have adapted to the changes. While it’s more important than ever for SMEs to move their businesses online, it’s also important for us to consider how we can adapt to make the shift online even easier.

Yes, we offer products that assist businesses in creating and developing an SMEs digital presence, but we’re more than just an online service provider. As we’ve passed through the waves, tougher levels of lockdown as well as easing up of restrictions, we identified a significant increase in domain registrations, company registrations, professional email, web hosting, web security and web design.

Seeing these changes, we responded by assisting with necessary updates to customers’ web presences where necessary. From assisting customers who had registered their companies with their essential services paperwork and implementing COVID-19 updates on their websites, to launching our email service that enabled video conferencing and instant messaging — a complete collaboration tool as an alternative to Gmail and Office 365.

Our customer support strategy was adjusted with a significant focus on the time it takes to resolve customer queries and relaying feedback internally. We committed to internal skills development, and launched our first mobile app thanks to the hard work of one of our developers. The app was built to improve our customers’ experience throughout their product journey with us, and enable them to manage and maintain their account and services no matter their device or location.

From these efforts, we saw a steady shift to first-place ranking in the ISP industry on Hellopeter, and have maintained that spot since March 2020. We value our customer feedback and understand that online users turn to reviews to help them make their purchase decisions. Each first-hand account of a service has the ability to influence a decision and 1-grid now has a digital presence on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hellopeter and Trustpilot. We have noticed that the majority of our online reviews come from Hellopeter, one of our newest platforms.

1-grid's Hellopeter ratings

Opening ourselves up to more review platforms has allowed us to serve our customers better, and has given us the opportunity to review, digest and understand our customers and their needs. The one-on-one contact with our dedicated team of customer support professionals allows us to acknowledge our customers’ experiences, and interact with them on a more personal level. We’re on the path to building a community and enhancing our rapport with existing customers and potential new customers with a solutions-based approach.

Feedback is welcome but also vital to the entire team at 1-grid. On many occasions customers have made special mentions of staff in their reviews, who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them. This boosts morale and allows us to give praise where it’s highly due.

We acknowledge that despite having over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a lot to learn from our customers. We pride ourselves on our diverse product offering and through honing in on customer feedback we can identify our weak points and work on them to provide an even better offering. We have seen a significant increase in our customer and employee satisfaction in the past few months.

As Thomas Vollrath, 1-grid CEO states, “We aim to maintain this quality by holding our customers at the heart of everything we do by equipping them with our industry knowledge and available resources.”

1-grid review platforms and their average ratings.