What is the difference between a free SSL certificate and a paid SSL certificate?



First, what is an SSL certificate?


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The main objective of this technology is to protect an internet connection and conceal the information that is transferred between a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on a computer and a hosting server.

The main reason you would need an SSL certificate for your website is if your customers input private information on your website (banking details, passwords, etc.).

When encrypting and securing any data that passes through this connection the SSL certificate helps to prevent any data theft or hacking. SSL certificates do not stop data from being intercepted, however, if any data is stolen from the connection, it is highly improbable for the information to be deciphered since it’s encrypted.


So, what are the differences between free and a paid SSL certificates?


A free SSL certificate provides the same level of encryption as the paid ones in that both will secure the information travelling between the browser and the server.

The differences start appearing where support for the certificate is required. A free SSL certificate provider will not support any issues with the SSL on your website, whereas a paid SSL certificate provider will offer after-sales support.

A paid SSL certificate also comes with a warranty, where a free SSL does not.

Below are the various packages, features, and prices for a Comodo SSL certificate:




Free SSL certificate validation generally lasts for three months.

A paid SSL certificate can be purchased for a maximum of five years before it needs to be renewed, reducing any chance of the website being vulnerable during that time.

There are more intricate differences between different paid SSL certificates (Wildcard SSL, Extended Validation SSL, etc.) and free SSL certificates, but we have outlined the main differences to consider between a paid SSL and free SSL certificates.

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