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What are Premium domain names ?

What makes a domain name ‘premium’?


Domain names that are short, memorable and category killers are pegged as premium domain names. These domain names are easy to remember and even easier to build a brand with. Consider www.magazine.store, the online magazine store with hundreds of the most popular magazines of our times. This is a fitting example of a simple and, may we dare say, a perfect domain name. The It is a category killer premium domain name as no other website selling magazines can acquire a name that awesome. Thus, a premium domain name is an investment in your brand — it offers exclusivity to build a stellar online identity.

Premium domains can be of any extension  with short and common or desirable expressions, or acronyms of up to 3 letters.  


What’s a premium domain name going to do for me & my site?


  • You’ll spend less on PPC advertising. Organic traffic will be greater from a higher ranking premium domain name.
  • Customers will know what they’re going to find on your site. So money saved on promoting your domain name to explain its meaning to your customers.
  • Boosted SEO, increased page ranking, and quality traffic. Because your domain name matches what customers are using in searches.
  • A money keyword/phrase in your domain name means you can use it in anchor/link text in a natural way, which will improve SEO. A money keyword/phrase has a higher ranking in search results because it matches what customers use in searches.
  • The trust and authority of a premium domain name will encourage reputable companies to link to your site.
  • A premium domain name will enhance funding and partnerships opportunities with established companies in your industry.
  • A short name works well on social media. Using a URL shortener on a long domain name turns it into meaningless characters.
  • More beneficial when used for advertising such on billboards, tv, banners, print ads. Being short and memorable, and with no buttons to click, customers will try and be able to remember. Word of mouth referrals are more likely and you’ll see an increase in direct traffic to your website.

How can I acquire a premium domain name ?


You can buy a domain name in a variety of ways. You can look in online classifieds, contact the owner directly and make an offer, make a bid on an auction website (ebay.com, for example) or go through an online domain name broker, such as GreatDomains.com.


Updated on April 17, 2023

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