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Your PHP installation appears to be missing error

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Error when browsing to your website and you get the following message:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

What to do? Let us show you….


Mysql is unselected, The PHP version is incorrect or your WordPress is out dated.

Login to your cPanel (if you don’t know your login details you can also login from your Customer Zone)

Have a look at the link below it has a step by step guide. You will need to login to your cPanel to complete this.

Once login, Scroll down to your Software area in cPanel menu

Select the “Select PHP Version” option.

1. Have a look if the mysql or mysqli block is selected. (If not selected, select and reload your website if the issue is still not resolved move on to the next step)

2. Check your PHP Version Select a later or an Older Version of PHP

Select the “Set as Current” option below the page, Reload your website as it should be up and running by now.

Once done let’s check one more thing and that is your WordPress version go back to the main menu in cPanel.

And scroll to “Softaculous Apps installer”

This shows that your WordPress is outdated

Select the blue arrows to complete update.

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