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What we need to create your website

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  4. What we need to create your website
  1. Home
  2. Website Design & Marketing
  3. What we need to create your website
  1. How and where did you hear about 1-grid web design offering?
  2. What is your Domain Name or URL ?
  3. What is the name of your business?
  4. Does your business have a slogan/motto/strapline?
  5. What does your business do?
  1. Product related: Type of products, how many products, quality of material/product, size of product and additional info about product range, price of products
  2. Services related: What type of services, who do you service (residential, commercial, industrial), prices, packages, specials
  3. Who would use your product or service (target market – age, wealth status, educated, location (local, national, or?)
  4. What product or service is your best seller? Why is it so popular?
  5. What makes you better than your competitors? (why are they your competitors)
  6. Do you have any customer reviews or testimonials?
  7. Give us some background about your business (How it started, staff members’ qualifications, location in the country, awards, what inspired the owner to start the business)
  8. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube?
  9. Do you have a business Facebook page? (If yes please grant us access). If not we will create one for you but will require a personal Facebook email address to grant you access (this can be a dummy acc.)
  10. Do you have a logo, product/service images, and videos?
  11. Are there any examples of websites that you like?
  12. If not, we can help you. Visit and pick a layout, color and font.
  13. How would you like your website content to be written? (Friendly, formal, fun, relaxed, informative)
  14. Do you have any layout ideas or preferences for the design? Choose colors for your website as well (if it wasn’t chosen from the colour swatch)
  15. What pages would you like to see on your website?
  16. (Generally a website will have a Home page, Service/product page/s, Gallery, About Us, Contact Us)
  17. What is your main aim for customers who visit your website?
  18. Which are your operating days and what are your working hours?
    (Do you work from Monday to Friday only? What about weekends and public holidays? What times? Is there an after-hours option?)
  19. What contact details would you like to have on your website?
  20. What emails can we create for you? (Choose an email to appear on the Contact page (and directory listing, if applicable)

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