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What type of SSL / Secure Certificate do I need?

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We have two SSL Providers who provide SSL coverage for our clients’ Websites and they are selected based on your personal preferences. Although both SSL features are similar, the prices of Comodo compared to Thawte are cheaper.


Comodo SSL Coverage:


The Domain SSL would be suitable for one primary domain name, which means that you would need to ensure that the website you wish to secure has its own hosting package, if on our Linux Hosting platforms, or have a dedicated IP address purchased if you are using our .Net (Windows) hosting server. If you require to secure multiple website on a .Net (Windows) package, you would need to purchase a SSL certificate for each website along with a Dedicated IP address.


If you wish to secure one primary domain and multiple Subdomains, the Wildcard Domain SSL is recommended as this will secure “” and all subdomains like “” , “”.


The Multi-Domain OV SSL certificate would be ideal for securing 4 websites on a single hosting package like the Linux Shared servers, instead of purchasing separate Linux packages for each website. If you have more than 4 websites which you wish to secure on the same Linux Hosting package, any additional SSL coverage for this certificate would be R400.00. This would mean that your 5th , 6th , 7th , 8th SSL certificate coverage you need would be R400.00 each.


When applying for the Multi-Domain OV certificate, please ensure that your company details are listed correctly on either or Dun & Bradstreet as SSL Authorities have strict instructions to ensure that your contact details are identical to the information provided on these business directory websites. These websites are similar to yellowpages for potential clients to locate your contact information. and Dun & Bradstreet are external websites and not affiliate with 1-grid which means you would need to contact them directly if you require information.


The Extended Validation SSL Certificates follow the same Business verification process as the Multi-Domain OV certificates. This Certificate will display your Business name in the search bar like ours do:

Also, you will notice that each SSL certificate carry its own warranty provided by Comodo in the event that the SSL certificate is breached.


In regards to the Thawte SSL Certificates, they follow the same process of security but the warranty is higher which is why it would be a bit more pricey :


Please visit our website to order one now :


Comodo SSL Security:

Thawte SSL Security:


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure on adding any of your DNS records

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