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Why am I not ranking on Google?

Google’s little spiders crawl the internet, assessing all content and will index your site based on a set of factors. In fact, there are many factors that are taken into consideration by Google when indexing and ranking sites. Factors such as industry, age of website and the search engine optimisation (SEO) features are among them. So if your site is brand new, it can often take a few months to start ranking for keywords. You definitely will be listed on Google in time. A higher ranking takes time and constant effort.

My contact form is not working

We first need to check if the form is setup with the correct email address. Once this is checked, and you are still not receiving emails, it might be that the email address is not properly set up. Hosting will need to assist with this.

Is my website responsive?

Yes – all our websites are responsive.

The design does the work and adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly.

This is not to be confused with “mobile friendly” which would be a different display.

How do I go about making changes?

You can forward it to [email protected] We will assign these changes to the respective designer and get your site amended as soon as possible. Changes requested for websites are done on a daily basis, but kindly note that these amendments might take up to 3 to 4 working days to reflect after we have received your requirements. Please note that one hour (60 minutes) of changes or design time is permitted per client, per month. Alternatively, you can access the site’s backend with the details provided by the account manager. With these details, you will be able to update content on all pages and posts.

How quickly will my changes be done?

Changes requested for websites are done on a daily basis, but kindly note that these amendments might take up to 3 to 4 working days to reflect after we have received your requirements.


How can I improve the look of my website i.e. Images?

Because we make use of free image libraries, we are limited with the stock images we can source. You could source images from paid for sites, or try one of the free libraries:


Can I have access to my sites backend to make admin changes?

Yes – the account manager can create login details, which will give you enough access to change the copy on all pages and posts. We provide a managed service which means many of the administration tasks and functionalities are handled by us. Without proper expertise or knowledge of these functionalities, users might unknowingly cause errors, vulnerabilities or issues with their own website. We, therefore, do not allow clients access to specific sections and/or functionality within the administration interface, while providing access that allows our users to add, edit and update content whenever they wish. We, therefore, provide a standardised backend experience for each client which allows us to keep things updated and efficient.


Can I install my own plugins?

We do not allow customers to upload or install third party plugins due to security and server restrictions we place across all our clients’ websites. While we do rely on, and use, a selection of plugins, these have all been heavily audited and are quality checked to ensure they are trusted, safe and efficient for production websites. This audit includes code reviews on user permissions, database interaction, and best practice WordPress plugin coding standards.

Untrusted WordPress plugins make a website vulnerable to attack. A poorly developed plugin can lead to exploits which allow hackers to target websites with automated scripts. Furthermore, unaudited plugins might add backlinks, slow processors or advertisements that you might not be aware of and can, therefore, be penalised by Google and reduce the user experience of your website.

For these reasons, we only allow specific plugins to be loaded on all of our websites. If we were to allow users the ability to upload any plugin, this could cause vulnerabilities not only for their website but for all other websites that are hosted on 1-grid’s servers. Additionally, our systems and processes are designed to be managed at scale, which means plugin updates and maintenance are optimised within a specific workflow.

How do I go about making changes?

Every month you will receive 60 minutes of free design time to update your website. You can do this by simply sending your changes through to [email protected] and our designers will communicate with you as soon as they have received your changes and completed them. Alternatively, if you would like to update your website yourself and make changes we can provide you with your login details to access your website and update your website.

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