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Viewing Spam Quarantine

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This article details the steps necessary to view the Spam Quarantine of incoming mails marked as suspect or Spam, and to Release mails.

Log in

To log in to the interface directly as an email account holder, go directly to If you wish to manage the domain’s mail, you can login via the Customer Zone. If your domain is not yet being filtered via the new Spam Firewall system it will be unavailable via the Customer Zone

As the email account holder, if you have not yet received your login details, click the “Retrieve log-in link” button, enter in your email address, and the system will send you the appropriate details and steps required in order for you to log in with a new password.

Once logged in you should see the page as displayed below:

Spam Quarantine

To view the Quarantine, click the “Spam Quarantine” button in the “Incoming” section.

You should then be presented with the following page:

View Messages:

You can view the quarantined messages by clicking on them. In this case we have some legitimate mails and some spam:

Here are one of the spam messages. Messages in quarantine are automatically deleted after 14 days. However, if you would like, you can click “Delete” at the top right to delete the mail immediately:

Alternatively we can look at a legitimate mail that was incorrectly quarantined and tell the system to “Release” the mail:

You can also use the Search function to look for any specific mails you believe may be in the quarantine – in this case for a specific type of spam:

You can make use of a dropdown menu next to each mail or, if you would like to perform a bulk operation, You can select all applicable mails and use the dropdown at the bottom of the page. You can Release or Delete all mails. In this example we are deleting the mails however:

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