If you can send email but cannot receive email, there are several likely causes to investigate. These include email quota issues, your DNS settings and your email client settings. If your cPanel has exceeded its disk quota, this can also prevent you from receiving email.Check nameservers

If you are a new customer, please ensure that your name servers are set correctly. If they were incorrect and you updated them, please allow up to 24 hours for propagation to complete.

Check Webmail

The first thing to check would be webmail. If you are able to receive emails there that would mean that the issue is most likely caused by something locally on your PC or network.

Check cPanel/email quota

To check if your email address or cPanel itself ran out of diskspace then you will need to login to cPanel.

Once logged in, check the stats on the right hand side to confirm if you have enough overall diskpace:

If you are well under the limit then search for the “email accounts” option and check the current and set quota for the mailbox in question:

If you reached your mailbox size limit then this can be increased or you can free up some space by deleting old email from Webmail.

Check if the email account is suspended

In the image above you will notice that the “sales” mailbox is suspended. This can be unsuspended in the “more” option on the right.

Check E-mail routing

Within cPanel there is an option for “Email Routing”. If your emails are hosted with us then the setting should be set to Local Mail Exchanger. If it is hosted elsewhere outside of the cPanel network then it needs to be set to Remote Mail Exchanger.

Check MX records

MX records are the DNS settings that governs where your incoming emails are routed to. Our default MX records are:






To check this you would need to click on the “Zone Editor” option in cPanel and select “Manage”

Click on MX and confirm your MX records:

Error 550 No Such User

This error can mean one of three things.

– The MX records are incorrect

– The email address does not exist or the person sending the email entered the address incorrectly

– Our firewall is not pointing the domain to the correct mail server (Please contact us to confirm this)

Check your email client settings

In Outlook you can double check your incoming settings. Ensure that the username is the full email address. Here is an example of what the settings should look like:

Click on “More Settings” and then “Advanced” to check your port numbers.

Check firewall

You can search the inbound firewall to see if there are emails that were blocked. You will be able to see the reason why. You can whitelist the email address or entire domain to avoid them from being blocked by the firewall.

Account suspended

It is possible that the account has been suspended for some reason. We suspend accounts if we see excessive spam originating from it or if you are behind on payment. In both cases you will receive notifications to the listed contact email address prior to suspension.