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Setup email in Outlook 2007

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There are two methods of setting up your email address. You could either set it up by allowing Outlook to search for the relevant settings automatically or you could go the manual route.

In Outlook you will need to Click on “Tools” and then “Account settings”

Click on “New” on the left side.

Select “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP” and then Next.


Enter the your details as requested and click “Next”.

You might get the following pop up messages but do not worry! All you have to do is Allow and Proceed:

If all details are correct, Outlook will confirm that the account has been setup successfully and you can click on “Finish”

Congratulations! You have just set up your email address!


If the automatic option fails for any reason, there is a way you can setup your email address manually.

In Outlook you will need to Click on “Tools”, “Account settings” and “New”

Instead of entering your details in the fields, select the “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” instead and click “Next”.

Select Internet Email

You will then be asked to enter the necessary information for your email address to work. To find out what your server information is please use the tool below.

Once you are done please click on “More Settings”

Please select the following within the “More Settings” section and click “OK”:

You will return to the account information page. Please click “Next” to finish the setup. Outlook will test the account settings and confirm if you were successful:

Congratulations! You have just set up your email address!

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