Log in to your account. Sign in with the email address and password listed on your account. We usually send all communications to this address.

Click on the Services drop-down and select ‘Spam Firewall’.

Find the service you wish to manage and click ‘Login to Web Interface’.

You will now be taken to Spam Experts. This is the dashboard you are to use for managing your firewall.

Click on “Search” under the “Archive” section

You will then have to build an index. Select the date range and the number of days the index should be available for. You can always create a new index thereafter. You do not want the index to be available for too long as you might want to change the date range at a later stage.

After clicking on Create index you it will take a few minutes to build.

You will then be redirected to the page where you can select the date range for the emails you wish to search for.

The “Query” section can be used if you wish to search for a specific email address on that domain. If you want to view the entire domain’s archived emails then leave that blank.


All archived emails between those dates will now appear below. Select the emails you wish to redeliver and apply.

You will have the option of delivering the emails to a different email address. Leave blank if you wish to have them delivered to the address they originally went to.

Finally all you have to do is wait for the firewall to complete the process. Do not close the browser/tab until that completes.