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Manage and edit your DNS Zone (cPanel)

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To edit your DNS records, you will need to log in to cPanel. Select the “Zone Editor” option under Domains.
Select “Manage” next to the domain you wish to edit:
You can use the “Add Record” option for any records that does not already exist or you can use the filter to display the specific type of record you wish to edit.
Please note that any changes or additions to the DNS zone can take up to 24 hours to propagate, meaning that you will only see the change thereafter. The following are some record types that can be managed and added.
  • Text (TXT) — This is an informational record. Use it for additional information about a host or for technical information to servers.
  • Host (A) — Uses the A record to map an IP address to a host name. This is the most common type of record on the Internet.
  • Canonical Name (CNAME) — A CNAME is an alias for a host. Using CNAMEs, you can have more than one DNS name for a host. CNAME records point back to the A record. When you change the IP address in your A record, all CNAME records for that domain name automatically follow the new IP address.
  • Email Server (MX) – This record tells where the email for a domain is hosted.

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