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How to log in to cPanel on 1-grid

There are two ways to log in to cPanel. You are able to log in directly using the link, username and password that was sent via email upon signing up or you can log in via your Customer Zone.


Customer zone

After signing in, you will see the following:


Go to “Services”.

Click on the “Manage Product” option next to the package you wish to access.



You can login to cPanel using one of the two options available



Direct Access

To gain access directly to cPanel without going through the Customer Zone, you can enter one of the following URLs in to your browser’s address bar:




Replace “” with your domain name so you are directed to the following page:



The username and password is something we would have automatically sent to you upon signing up.


To find out what your details are via the Customer Zone, please follow figure 1 and figure 2 above and look for these:



The password will have to be changed to something else you prefer and the username will be visible below the domain name.

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