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How to log into your Business VPS

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To be able to log into the WHM of your Business VPS you first need to get the login details. To get your login details you can either view the email we have sent you with your login details or you can do the following:

Log into the customer zone:

Once logged into the customer zone, you can click on the Services button.

From here you can now select the service you wish to choose and click on Manage Product.

On the Manage Product page, you can scroll down to where it says Server Information.

Here you will notice next to Primary IP would be your main IP address of your Business VPS. Please make a note of this IP address.

To get your username and password, while you are still on the Manage Product page, on the left-hand side under Actions click on Manage Server.

Now you will get to a page where it shows you your login details, which is your username and password.

If you wish to view your password click on the Show Password button. Here you can now make a note of your username and password.

WHM login page

Please view your noted information, which is your IP Address, Username and Password.

To go to your WHM link to manage your Business VPS, you can go to the link using your IP address and adding /whm at the back of the link.

Example: – This is just an example, you will have to use your own ip address in this link.

This will now take you to your WHM login page.

Here you can now insert your username and password and press Log In

If you struggle to log into your Business VPS as shown above, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or leave a support ticket from your Customer Zone.

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