Your hosting package has the option of hosting more than one domain and in order to add the other domains to your existing hosting package you would need to follow these steps:

First you would need to login to cPanel.

Once you are logged in you would need to select the “Addon domains” option

Enter the domain name you wish to add in the first field and the others will automatically populate after clicking away from it:

Click on “Add Domain” to complete the request.

That’s it! The domain is now linked to your hosting package and it should be working within the next 24 hours.

Some customers might get an error similar to the one below:

If you do then it means that the domain already exists on another hosting or domain parking package which we would need to terminate first. Once terminated you can then follow the above steps. We would need to update our firewall to point your domain to the correct mail server thereafter.

To avoid this from happening in the future please follow these steps:

1. Add the domain to your hosting package first

2. Register/transfer the domain you wish to manage on our servers.