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How to Add a Package in WHM

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To proceed with this tutorial, you will need to be logged into the WHM of your Business VPS server.

If you are unsure on how to log into your WHM, please view the following article on our Knowledgebase: How to log into your Business VPS

A hosting Package is a blueprint for a Hosting Account.
This can be used the moment when you create a hosting account.

To create a package you can follow the steps below:

Once logged into WHM you can click on Packages > Add a Package.

Here you can enter the Package Name and adjust the Resources for your package.

You can choose Package Name here:

You can change the Resources here below:

The settings below you can leave as is, here is a quick explanation of these settings:

Dedicated IP: Choose this if you would like every hosting account choosing this package to use a dedicated ip address(If you have ordered a dedicated ip address with us)

Shell Access: Shell access is disabled automatically by the server. If however caged ssh access is needed for a hosting account, please don’t hesitate to contact support.

CGI Access: Choose this to enable CGI Access, cgi bin scripts can be placed in the public_html > cgi-bin folder on the hosting account.

Digest Authentication at account creation: Enables Digest Authentication support for Web Disk access over a clear text or unencrypted connection. Users with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems require this support.

After this, you can leave all the settings as is and press Add.

Now you have created a new Package.

Now you may proceed with creating a hosting account and choose your new package as the blueprint.

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