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How Do I Pay My Account/Invoice?

From the 1-grid Website, login to your Customer Zone:


To use the Pay All option, click ‘Pay All’ on the left hand side.
This method would pay all your unpaid invoices.

After this it would take you to a place where you can choose your Payment Method.

You could also use the Add Funds option to add Credit to your account.
This method would create an invoice on your account, once paid the Credits will be added on your Account.
To use Add Funds, You can click on Add Funds.

On the next page it would take you to a “Add Funds Deposit money in advance” page where you can choose how much Credit you would like to add to your account.

The minimum amount would be R10.00 but you can choose any amount you wish to add as Credit to your account.
The maximum amount of Credit that can be on your account would be R9000.00 altogether.
The Credits can be used to offset all outstanding invoice or if there are no outstanding invoices, it can be used for any future invoices generated.

Payment Methods

If you choose either Pay All or Add Funds to pay your invoices, you can select Instant EFT or Credit Card and Click Make Payment.

Instant EFT :

If you chose instant EFT select your bank to complete the transaction.

Prefer regular EFT? Here are our details.

Payment Reference: Customer ID (the number is found on your invoice)
Account Holder: 1-grid
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 072987979
Branch Code: 051001
Account Type: Current

When making an EFT payment please send a payment notification to Payment may take 2 – 3 working days to reflect before it is automatically allocated to your account.

Secure Credit Card

If you chose Secure Credit Card then you should see the following:

Payments reflect immediately using both instant EFT or credit card methods.

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