As a reseller you would want to create unique packages to sell to your customers.

This can be accomplished by following this guide:

First you would need to be logged into WHM. Use the search function on the top left hand side to search for “Add a package”

Click on the option available so that it can redirect you to the page where you can customize your package:

Please note that your reseller package has disk limitations and it would be in your best interest to limit your customers as well so one domain won’t utilize everything you have.

If you wish to confirm the diskspace allocation for your account please have a look at the packages on our website and locate your one:

Next you would want to link the domain to a package by creating a new account.

Search for “Create new account” and select the option.

This is where you add details for each domain i.e. domain name, username, password etc.

Unlike your own package, we will not have the cPanel information for your customers’ accounts so please save those details somewhere and provide them to your customer should you wish to give them access to it.

All done!

It would be best to create a few custom packages before the time so when you have to create an account you will already have a list of packages to choose from.


Please follow these steps after adding your packages:

– Create an account for the domain in your hosting package first

– Register/transfer the domain

This will ensure that all mail related settings are correct the first time around.