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Creating a user (WSP)

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Please note that this guide is for customers with reseller packages.

As a reseller, you would need to create profiles in order for your own customers to login and manage their hosting space. Resellers often make the mistake by adding all their customers to one user so there would be an account who can view hosting spaces that they are not aware of.

In order to create different profiles, you would need to login to your control panel using your reseller login details which are given by us. Once logged in, you can follow these steps:

Click on Create Customer

Fill in the required information and click on Create

You have successfully created a profile for your customer and they are now able to login.

The next step would be to create a hosting space for your customer. Please note that you need to create your own customized packages and select the one you wish to assign to that customer.

You will now have the option of assigning your customer’s domain name

Click on Create Space once you’ve completed this.

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