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Cancel A Service

To request a cancellation, firstly you will need to be logged into the Customer Zone.

You can visit the customer zone

Here you can log in with your main contact email address and account password and click the Login button.


Once logged into the customer zone on the menu you can click on Services > My Services or you can click on the Services button in the middle.

From here you can now select the service you wish to cancel and click on Manage Product.

Once you are on the manage product page, on the left-hand side under Actions you can now click on Request Cancellation.

Once you have clicked on Request Cancellation, you will get to the account cancellation request page. Here you can now write a brief reason for the cancellation, choose the Cancellation Type and then click on Request Cancellation.

Please note that the cancellation will complete at end of your billing cycle. If your latest paid invoice charged you up until the 15th of a month, the cancellation will be done at the end of that day and no further invoices will be generated.

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