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Speed up / Optimise your website (cPanel)

CPanel’sOptimize Website feature is useful if you wish for your site visitors to have a better and faster experience when browsing your website. 


The website’s content is compressed before sending it to the visitor’s browser, therefore, it will take less time to load. 


To do this, you need tolog in to cPanel. 


Step 1. Click on “Optimize Website”. 


Step 2. Here you can choose the compression option. Click “Update Settings” once you have made your selection. 


  • Disabled will simply disable this feature and will not perform any compression action.
  • Compress All Content will compress all the content of your website.
  • Compress the specified MIME types will let you choose what kind of content will be compressed


Step 3. Click on “Go Back” once the compression has completed. 


That’s it! You have successfully optimized your website. 

Updated on March 6, 2023

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