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Plesk: How to Add / Upload MS SQL Database?

This article provide you with information on how to upload your MS SQL database to Plesk. 

Step 1. Login to Plesk 

  • Login with username and password received when you completed your subscription.



Step 2 – Click on Databases





Step 2 – Click on Add Database

  • To add anew database click on Add Database





Step 3 – Select MS SQL 

  • To add a MS SQL database choose it from the drop-down menu next to Database Server
  • Choose Database name, Username and Password
  • Click OK




Upload MS SQL Database


  • Once database is created, you can check the database list from your Database section on the screen. Click on the Import Dump option.



  • Choose the MS SQL file from your local computer and click OK





Updated on March 2, 2023

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