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How to upgrade your Website Builder

This article will take you through how to upgrade your website builder to the newest builder version.   



Upgrading your website builder to the newest version means that you will be able to manage, edit and publish your website from our Android or iOS App. 

Please note that not all templates are compatible with the automatic update. Should you not see any of the below screens when you log into your website builder you may have the newest version already or your version is not compatible. The only template which is not compatible should be called Sullivan. 



Step 1 - Login to Website Builder 

Step 2 - Click on Login again on the start page. 




Step 3 – If your website builder template is compatible with the update you should see the below screen. 




NOTE: If you have seen this screen previously and selected Back to Old Version you will still be able to upgrade. By selecting the upward arrow on the bottom left of the screen. This will take you back to the above screen. 




Step 4 – Your site will now automatically be upgraded. You should see the following screen during this process:  




Step 5 – Your upgrade is now complete, select Continue to Editor 




Step 6 – Your new website builder will look a bit different, take some time to explore it.  




Updated on April 3, 2023

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