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How to enable DKIM and SPF on your mail domain.

This guide provides you with steps to enable DKIM and SPF on your mail domain.


What is SPF?


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records give you the ability to create a list containing IP addresses (or subnets) that you authorize to send emails on your behalf. This makes it harder for malicious email senders to hide their identity and use your email server for fraud or spam. This will prevent your domain name from being spoofed when an email is received. Doing this will protect against phishing attempts coming from your domain, as well as “identity theft” through emails.


What is DKIM?


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) helps you ensure emails are not altered between the original and final destination. Each email is signed with a private key that’s validated by a public key set in the DNS of the final destination mail server. This way, if any modifications are attempted during transit for the email, the end user will know when checking.


How To Set DKIM And SPF Records In CPanel?


Luckily you can set both DKIM and SPF easily by using the following steps. Please note that you’ll need to be logged into cPanel.


Step 1 – Find the Email section on cPanel and select Email Deliverability.



Step 2 – Click on Manage next to relevant domain.



Step 3 – Install suggested DKIM and SPF records.


TIP: Should your domain’s nameservers be pointed to a provider outside the 1-grid network settings applied here would not take effect. You would need to set the DKIM and SPF on the host where the domain’s DNS nameservers are hosted

Updated on March 8, 2023

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