How to Complete Online Review on Trustpilot

This article will show you how to complete and online review on Trustpilot 

Step 1.  Type in Trustpilot in the Search bar in your Internet browser and select

Step 2. Type in 1-Grid to give a Positive review and click on it

Step 3. Click on Write a Review

Step 4.

  • Select the 5 Stars
  • Type a small Comment of your interaction and Put the Agents Name in the Comment
  • Tick the small box to confirm the review is genuine
  • Click on Continue with Email
  • Put in your Email address and click continue with Email.
  • You need to type your name and click the small box then click on Sign up
  • You Will receive a 4 digit Authorization code on that Email address





Step 5. Once you receive the Code you will need to type it in the box below, Once you submit the Code it will Automatically submit the review

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