How to add an Email Account to Mac Mail

Step 1: Click on Mail on the dock of your Mac

Image result for mail icon on mac dock

Step 2: In Mac Mail, go to the Mail menu and click on Preferences

Add Email Account to Mac Mail

Step 3: Click the Accounts icon in the Mail Preferences window and then Click + to create a new account

Mac Mail setup

Step 4: Select POP from the drop down menu and enter your email information

User Information:

Your Name:

This is the name that will be displayed when sending your email

Email Address:

The email address people will reply to when receiving email from you

Logon Information:

User Name:



Mail Mail setup

From the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown select Add Server

Enter the Outgoing Mail server information.

Server Information:

Incoming Server (POP3):


Outgoing Server (SMTP):


Mac Mail

Click OK

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