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cPanel: How to view your Statistics

This article provides you with information on how to fin and view your cPanel statistics.





Step 1- Login to your cPanel



Step 2- To the left you can find Statistics.




The table below describes what is being shown.



Addon Domains
The number addon domains added to the account
Number of Aliases created on the account
Number of Autoresponders created on the account
Bandwidth consumed by the account
MySQL Disk Usage
Disk space consumed by MySQL databases that were created on the account
Disk Usage
Disk consumed by files saved to the Web Server. For more details concerning the files used on the account, click on the link provided.
Email Accounts
Number of emails created on the account
Email Filters
Number of email filters created on the account
Number of email forwarders created on the account
FTP Accounts
Number of FTP accounts created on the account
MySQL Databases
Number of MySQL databases created on the account
Number subdomains added to the account



TIP: Should you require more information regarding these logs please contact our Support Center by clicking here. 

Updated on August 31, 2023

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