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cPanel: Allowing custom User-Agents / Internet Bots

This article provides you with information on giving access to customer User-agents on your website be in WordPress, Joomla or any other website.

Step 1–  Login to cPanel

  • Please see our article on logging into cPanel here.

Step 2 –  Go to File Manager 

Step 3 –  Select public_html and create a new file. 

Step 4 –  Configure your custom User-Agents

  • Custom user agents might required by plugins or third party providers capturing data from your website.
  • The third party provider will provide you with User-Agent names that must be added.



Step 5 – Complete! – Click save and settings will take effect immediately.


TIP: For more information regarding User-Agent or  internet bots and website indexing please see the article here.

Updated on March 7, 2023

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