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Business Registrations – How To Register Your Company


1-Grid allows an easy company registration tool that automatically registers your company with CIPC via the 1-Grid website.



Why register your company with 1-Grid?

Take the hassle out of dealing with CIPC, and do everything through one platform. Our automated system does a company name lookup with the CIPC database and then reserves it for you so you can match it with your website domain name. We will guide you through the process, step by step.


What do we require from you?

Complete the required fields, providing: 

·        Name, Surname, Email address, and Cell phone number.

·        Choose a domain name, together with a second and third name of your choice. (Our system will check the domain registry and CIPC databases and reserve the names with both CIPC and the registrar). In the event that the names are all taken, we will contact you for more options.

·        Financial year-end (we recommend February, as it aligns with SARS year-end for individuals)

·        Authorised share capital (we recommend 10,000 but don’t allow less than 100 authorized shares)

·        Directors of the company, providing Full name(s), Surname, and Email address of each.

·        Complete payment at checkout

Directors are then sent an email requesting the following:

·        A certified copy of South African ID, or passport. 

(Certification involves a Commissioner of Oaths to site the original and then verify the authenticity of the copy by stamping it. This can be done by Attorneys, Chartered Accountants, South African Post Office, Banks, South African Police or any person appointed to be a Commissioner of Oaths by the Chief of Justice)


What do you get from us?

·        A company registration certificate proving the company registered with the CIPC. (COR14.3)

·        Automatic registration with SARS, together with a company income tax number

·        A domain for your website, first 12 months free

·        Save the CIPC filing fees

·        Memorandum of Incorporation (COR15.1A)

·        Initial share certificates for shareholders

·        An optional BEE certificate which can be arranged with one of our agents

·        Completed within 7 calendar days from the date that we receive all your required documents


What are the next steps for your business?

·        Open a Business Bank Account

·        Get a web hosting package for your new domain name

·        Start trading!




Updated on April 13, 2023

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