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What is 1-grid rankingCoach?

I’s an SEO software that guides you through the optimization of your website, step-by-step. 1-grid rankingCoach helps you to understand search engine optimization by creating a customized action plan made of small, easy tasks for your website. Using the weekly result report, you can understand your website’s performance and increase its performance.


Is my action plan really customized for my website?

Of course! Using your website, search terms, industry and coverage data, 1-grid rankingCoach determines an SEO strategy that is precisely tailored to your company. This way you receive tasks and tips that exactly match your goals: from the best performing search terms to the best link givers in your industry.


What do I do first after registration?

First, set up your personal settings. This includes information about your domain, your content management system and about your company. In the next two steps, select your keywords and define your competitors. Once these basic inputs that are important for the tasks have been completed, you can then begin to complete your tasks in the individual stages.


Do I have to be an SEO expert or programmer to use 1-grid rankingCoach?

Not at all! 1-grid rankingCoach gradually gives you all of the know-how you need to optimize your website.


Do I have to be able to use HTML to use 1-grid rankingCoach?

No! The individual tasks are so easy that anyone can do them – even without HTML knowledge.


Do I need to download other programs to be able to use rankingCoach?

No! 1-grid rankingCoach is a web-based software that you can use at any time from anywhere. You simply log into your account from any computer. Some specific tasks might require FTP access software, but it is not necessary to do those tasks.


What if I do not understand the tasks?

1-grid rankingCoach provides you with easy to understand explanations for each task that allow you to breeze through the individual tasks.


Do I have to complete all tasks?

Yes. Although some tasks are more important than others, you should generally still implement all of the tasks in order to maximize your success. Every uncompleted task means a disadvantage regarding optimization.


What happens when I have completed all tasks?

After completing all of the tasks, it is now time to first observe the rankings and results. Through the analysis you have a continuous overview of where you must still be active. You can then review the success of your search terms here and adjust your search terms and thus your optimization if necessary. Even if other search terms become important to you, you will receive the overview from 1-grid rankingCoach of what needs to be done.


I have inserted everything as prescribed in the task, but the tool is giving me an error. Why?

  • Make sure that you inserted the keywords in your page as said in the task. “Flower” is not the same as “Flowers.” “Nursery” is not the same as a “Nursery business.” Whether you write a word with or without a hyphen plays a role!
  • Check your keywords for spelling mistakes!




Updated on January 17, 2023

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