The countdown to the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, has officially begun. And this year Black Friday falls on the 27th of November, which means that Cyber Monday will naturally be on the 30th of November. 

All your favourite stores are participating in this year’s Black Friday with some good deals and discounts, not only on the day but also leading up to the main event. With so many discounts and deals available, it’s easy to get side-tracked and overspend or get clouded into buying things that you don’t necessarily need because of the low prices.

We spoke with Zoe Brown, TV host, radio personality and self-proclaimed bargain shopper, about what shopping hacks and tips she can give us for Black Friday shopping 2020. 

What is your buying behaviour is during November? 

I love a good bargain. During November, I start adding items to my wishlist, monitor the prices and see if I can be lucky with a Black Friday deal. 

Do you save for Black Friday?

Yes! I save throughout the year, and I try and get all my Christmas Presents for the family on Black Friday sales. 

Do you spend on Black Friday?

I do spend, but never more than I can afford. And I only buy things that I need.

What advice do you have for Black Friday shoppers?


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The key is not to overspend; know your prices and if a deal is great then ask yourself if you would have bought it at full price. If the answer is still yes, then go ahead and buy it at the discounted price. Don’t buy just because it’s marked down. 

There you have it, in short, Zoe’s Black Friday tips are: 

  • Add items to your wishlists: this helps you monitor the price drops and keep your focus 
  • Never spend more than you can afford: set a Black Friday budget and stick to it 
  • Only buy things that you need: don’t purchase for the sake of buying, only buy items that you need