October 10th is observed annually as World Mental Health Day. This year, the day falls on a Saturday and in the thick of global health pandemic COVID-19. The Coronavirus ushered in an era of fear, caution and isolation which may have led to or exacerbated mental illness struggles. This year’s Mental Health Day is crucial in raising awareness about mental health, eliminating the stigma around mental health, and ultimately providing support for those affected.

Why is mental health important? 

Mental health is crucial because it affects your psychological and emotional wellbeing; it determines how you deal with stress, and impacts your thoughts as well as the choices you make.

Why is Mental Health Day celebrated? 

The objective of Mental Health Day is to raise awareness around mental illness as well as to mobilise and provide support for those affected. The day gives mental healthcare workers the opportunities to share the work they do and the improvements needed in the field.

What is the theme for World Mental Health Day 2020? 

This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health For All’. It’s a very inclusive and progressive theme because mental health should be accessible to all.

What can you do for Mental Health Day? 

Bustle.com lists a few things you can do this Mental Health Day:

  • Get informed: educate yourself about mental health.
  • Participate in and advocate for workplace wellness programs
  • Be kind
  • Be supportive to family and friends
  • Advocate for mental illness

How To Support Employee Mental Health: 

Fostering a healthy work environment for your team is crucial, in the times of COVID-19 more so than ever. A happy and healthy team is a productive team; a Business.com article gives actionable tips to help your employees with mental health:

  • Educate your team on mental health
  • Have regular check-ins and keep the lines of communication open
  • Encourage self-care
  • Communicate effectively
  • Have mental health policies in place to help employees

Mental Health Day is important to shine a spotlight on the issues, but it shouldn’t be something we only talk or think about once a year. Taking care, speaking out and having empathy for those afflicted is something we should do all year round.